The Mushroom Messenger - June 2021 - 2nd Edition


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2nd Edition; June 2021


Since our last edition of the Mushroom Messenger, a lot has happened. Of course, the main purpose of this newsletter is not to only recap, but to also inform you of upcoming events and other newsworthy bits! In this issue, we will be discussing our movements toward 1.17, our new event, and our recent considerings of our 2nd Birthday Celebration. With that said, settle down with us and read this new edition!

First Glimpses of 1.17

Changes are happening right before your eyes on the MushroomCraft server, and that might be due to the newly released 1.17 ( or at least the first part of it ). 1.17 has sparked some of our most heated discussions, and each member of our staff team has been considering and debating on how we should move forward. Any way you slice it, we all have been craving a bit of excitement. The biggest obstacle that we face is our plugins. Many of the plugins we use often have not been updated to 1.17. Sure, sometimes you can just drop a plugin or two without repercussion, but we're talking about a lot of our game-changing plugins. We could just wait, but we have decided to introduce our newest world. CHAOS! The name is a bit on the nose, but with the lack of plugins, this is essentially a straight vanilla world with few benefits. So, for those people who really want to get their hand on those new blocks, Chaos is your best way to go. And for those who are wanting to start over, this may be your solution. Along with that, our Creative Server has also been updated. Beware though, our creative server is a bit temperamental right now. For a more in-depth explanation of Chaos Mode, please visit our Discord.
Grounded 4 Life

This past weekend, we hosted our preview game of Grounded 4 Life. The game was built as a variation of Capture the Fungus - one of our other games. The aim of the game is to destroy the other team's tower while also protecting your own. Along with that, each player has the option to choose 1 of three classes; Man-at-Arms, Bowmaster, and Engineer; each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The official game will be released sometime during our birthday celebration week - hopefully with the edition of a new map or two.
Our 2nd Birthday

Our Birthday is quickly approaching as we near July 12th. Much like our last birthday celebration, we are planning on creating week-long fun with an event every day. Grounded 4 Life, as well as Mystery at the Manor, will be officially released. Many of our regular events will also be played, such as Mushroom Chef and Capture the Fungus. Much is still to be scheduled, but we are excited to celebrate with the community that made this event a possibility.

Although this may be a short edition of the Mushroom Messenger, don't let that take away from the progress we have made thus far. Our focus for June-July is to fine-tune many of our events and provide an entertaining time for those on summer break.
Thank you for reading our 2nd edition of the Mushroom Messenger, brought to you by SlidingDown. Special thanks to our community, MushroomCraft would not be near as fun without you. See you in the next newsletter!

⛏️ Stay Crafting! ⛏️