The Mushroom Messenger - June 2021 - 2nd Edition

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2nd Edition; June 2021


Since our last edition of the Mushroom Messenger, a lot has happened. Of course, the main purpose of this newsletter is not to only recap, but to also inform you of upcoming events and other newsworthy bits! In this issue, we will be discussing our movements toward 1.17, our new event, and our recent considerings of our 2nd Birthday Celebration. With that said, settle down with us and read this new edition!

First Glimpses of 1.17

Changes are happening right before your eyes on the MushroomCraft server, and that might be due to the newly released 1.17 ( or at least the first part of it ). 1.17 has sparked some of our most heated discussions, and each member of our staff team has been considering and debating on how we should move forward. Any way you slice it, we all have been craving a bit of excitement. The biggest obstacle that we face is our plugins. Many of the plugins we use often have not been updated to 1.17. Sure, sometimes you can just drop a plugin or two without repercussion, but we're talking about a lot of our game-changing plugins. We could just wait, but we have decided to introduce our newest world. CHAOS! The name is a bit on the nose, but with the lack of plugins, this is essentially a straight vanilla world with few benefits. So, for those people who really want to get their hand on those new blocks, Chaos is your best way to go. And for those who are wanting to start over, this may be your solution. Along with that, our Creative Server has also been updated. Beware though, our creative server is a bit temperamental right now. For a more in-depth explanation of Chaos Mode, please visit our Discord.
Grounded 4 Life

This past weekend, we hosted our preview game of Grounded 4 Life. The game was built as a variation of Capture the Fungus - one of our other games. The aim of the game is to destroy the other team's tower while also protecting your own. Along with that, each player has the option to choose 1 of three classes; Man-at-Arms, Bowmaster, and Engineer; each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The official game will be released sometime during our birthday celebration week - hopefully with the edition of a new map or two.
Our 2nd Birthday

Our Birthday is quickly approaching as we near July 12th. Much like our last birthday celebration, we are planning on creating week-long fun with an event every day. Grounded 4 Life, as well as Mystery at the Manor, will be officially released. Many of our regular events will also be played, such as Mushroom Chef and Capture the Fungus. Much is still to be scheduled, but we are excited to celebrate with the community that made this event a possibility.

Although this may be a short edition of the Mushroom Messenger, don't let that take away from the progress we have made thus far. Our focus for June-July is to fine-tune many of our events and provide an entertaining time for those on summer break.
Thank you for reading our 2nd edition of the Mushroom Messenger, brought to you by SlidingDown. Special thanks to our community, MushroomCraft would not be near as fun without you. See you in the next newsletter!

⛏️ Stay Crafting! ⛏️

The Mushroom Messenger - May 2021 - 1st Edition

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1st Edition; May 2021


Welcome to the first edition of the Mushroom Messenger! This is the newest way to find information on MushroomCraft. While it may not be all that practical, it's a feature! This first newsletter was written by SlidingDown; Admin on the server. In this issue, we will be discussing topics such as events, updates, improvements, and more! If you are interested in helping in the making of the newsletter, feel free to DM SlidingDown.
Events, Prizes, and Fun - oh my!

With summer just around the corner, thoughts of hosting events come to mind, especially if you have a couple of unreleased ones sitting on the back shelf. This summer we will be introducing several new events sure to entertain you. Along with that, new, more exciting prizes will be handed out. Of course, not every new event does well on the first try. Things break more often than not, but that is all a part of the fun! One event, in particular, is resurfacing after a long winter of unuse. Mystery at the Manor ( MATM ) was canceled in mid-August but will be released for play sometime during the summer. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of MATM, fret not! Here is a quick introduction to the mystery-inspired game: "While attending a banquet, the lights suddenly dim. You hear someone bumping into the furniture surrounding you, and suddenly you hear a scream. Shortly after, the lights turn back on and one person is missing. Was there foul play, or did someone just go to the bathroom? Stay overnight as you figure out what exactly happened during those two minutes of darkness." The majority of these summer events occur on Saturdays at 18:00 GMT - just check our Discord for any announcements concerning events. If you have any suggestions about what the next event should be, let us know!

Caves and Cliffs Update

It is without any doubt that there is a big decision to make. We are listening carefully to each of your suggestions. We want to find the best middle-ground for everyone, but some disagreements are bound to happen. With that said, we have heard from Mojang that the update has been split into two parts. The part we're more concerned about ( the actual transformation of the land ) has been delayed to around Christmas time. In a way, this has given us extra time to work out the kinks. Along with that, our focus over the summer can be based on improvement and entertainment, rather than statistics and delegations. However, it is never too early or too late to express your opinions about how we should handle this update. Feel free to head on over to our Discord and discuss it within the #world-discussion tab. Remember, being polite towards others might help improve their opinion of your idea.

Recent Improvements

After a long-dormant period over the winter; several bugs, glitches, and other funky bits have come to our attention. Now with summer upon us, some of the more obvious ( and embarrassing ) problems are being fixed. Our resident Admin is taking the role of "IT Guy," but is overwhelmingly underqualified for the job. Please be patient. Some of the problems that have been " fixed permanently " are :
  • The Shop Command - /shop (name)​
  • The Shop Spawn Portal located @ spawn​
  • The Halloween Crate has been removed 209 days late ( whoops... )​
  • The Banker NPC @ spawn now has a function​
  • The Bounty Hunter NPC @ spawn has a new skin​

We have been made aware of other issues within our server. Below is a list of bugs we are currently working on fixing.
  • The Creative World​
  • 0x Diamond Glitch​
If you know of anything else we have not fixed or addressed above, please file a bug report on our Discord.


Thanks for reading the first edition of the Mushroom Messenger, brought to you by SlidingDown. Special thanks to everyone who has been patient through our very quiet winter period. See you in the next newsletter!

⛏️ Stay Crafting! ⛏️

Christmas Events for 2020

While a wintery celebration to this magnitude has never occurred on MushroomCraft before, it's never too late to start some traditions! This Christmas season we have been working on some fun events to participate in while you have time off from everyday life. We have created five unique events that you will be sure to enjoy this Christmas. We hope you can make it to these festive events! Below is a description of each event and the corresponding event announcement screenshot. Keep in mind, each of these announcements was originally formatted for Discord.

Christmas Tree Build-off

To kick off the holiday festivities, we will be hosting a Christmas Tree Build-off! This will be taking place in our Creative World - use /warp Christmas to get there. You will need to claim one of the squares near the warp spawn to start. The build-off starts today and lasts until the 16th of December. Listed below are the rules and requirements:
1) You may only enter one tree in the build-off, but you may build as many as you like in your plot.
2) The tree must be complete by the 16th of December
3) Do not exceed the build requirements ( see below )
4) Be appropriate - no funny business allowed!
5) Follow our Rules and Guidelines
6) No griefing others' builds!
1) You may build in a 16x16x30 area - do not exceed this
2) There must be a Christmas tree somewhere in your plot
3) Must be clearly marked and named with a sign ( include the creator )

Christmas Grotto

There are 3 main events happening all at once in the Christmas Grotto. Below is a list of each events, how to participate, rules, and ( you guessed it! ) more information! To participate in any of these events, you will need to DM SlidingDown. Our server rules still apply to each of these events.

12 Days of Advent Calendar Christmas
Yes, the name is a bit drawn-out, but I couldn't find a better way to describe it accurately. Around the Christmas Grotto are not-so hidden chests full of goodies to unlock each day from the 13th to the 24th. Each chest contains a variety of prizes, and progressively unlock each day. To participate you just have to open the corresponding chest that belongs to a day and loot it. If you have further questions, DM SlidingDown.
1) Don't break the chests!
2) Have fun!

Ice Boat Race of doom!
Rather self-explanatory, really. Throughout the time period of the Christmas Grotto, randomly timed, and randomly hosted Ice Boat races will be going on! We will be using the Ice Boat track to do this. To participate is pretty simple, just hop in a boat and race like your life depends on it! If you manage to win a Admin hosted boat race, special prizes will be awarded.
1) Don't break the ice track!
2) Race like Sonic the Hedgehog

Secret Santa/ Gift Exchange
It wouldn't be Christmas without giving some gifts! Under the large ( and very obvious ) Christmas tree is a Secret Santa giveaway center. There you will find some chests that belong to others. Here you can claim your own chest and give others gifts too! To participate just head under the tree and get started! For more Information, DM SlidingDown.
1) No stealing
2) Not breaking chests/hoppers
3) Be appropriate
4) Embrace your inner Santa!

Santa's Sweatshop

It's commonly called "Santa's Workshop"... but that didn't seem fitting for the theories behind Santa's elves. In this event, you will be put in the shoes of those poor elves, and attempt to escape before Santa can stop you. Watch out! Santa's reindeer are very loyal to him and will do anything to stop you. Make sure you make it to this very special Christmas event this Saturday (19th) to participate.

Happy Holidays, Folks!

Welcome, Everyone!

It is with great honor that we are releasing a forum for MushroomCraft. There are several places just meant for information, but there are others for you to post too! We can't wait to see what you all have to say. We will continually be using Discord, but this is a more official place to hang out. If you have any questions about how this forum stuff works feel free to ask me ( SlidingDown ) either by DMing here or on Discord. We hope you enjoy your time here on our forums!

It’s Our First Birthday! ( Archive )

On the 12th of July, MushroomCraft will be turning one year old! From all of the Staff team, we thank you for making this such a great community and sticking with us while we figured this Minecraft Server thing out! To celebrate our birthday we are throwing a party of sorts. There will be an event every day from the 11th to the 18th of July! We hope you can join us as we celebrate the great times we have had so far. Below is the schedule of the events with explanations for each one. Once again, thank you for being a part of MushroomCraft!

The official schedule of the 1 Year Anniversary Event Week
  • Event Kick-off (11th) – a simple party held at /warp party to kick off the exciting week that lays ahead. From dancing to tunes (including the new one!), setting off fireworks, and getting some free items, you are guaranteed to have a fun time!
  • Build-off (12th) – a new event taking place in our Creative world. We saw it fitting that you built this community up over the past year, so why not build on our birthday? You will be given 24 hours to finish a themed build (that will be revealed later) and post it on a Discord channel to await further voting.
  • Fishing Tournament (13th) – a calming event that will get you ready for the days to come! No better way to start off a Monday! The winner is the one with the most points (different items have different point values). Only lasting less than an hour, it is a perfect time to talk to friends!
  • UHC Singles (14th) – a solo game of UHC so you can compete against your friends is always fun! This game was played when the server was beginning, so it is special to see it around still. This is a game meant for the PvP-loving players, so if you are a builder you might want to sit this one out.
  • Mushroom Chef (15th) – a competitive kitchen game show where to the point is to craft the most amount of a prespecified item as possible. A fast-paced game to get your fingers clicking, and to get those crafting tables working! Lasting about an hour, it is a fun game to play with your friends!
  • Capture the Fungus (16th) – a new team game that is based around the new plants of the Nether Update. A mix of SkyBlock and Capture the Flag, you are sure to have fun with your friends as you go head-to-head in this high-intensity game. Just make sure your fungus doesn’t get stolen!
  • UHC Doubles (17th) – a fun way to play UHC with a friend. You will have a great time competing against groups as you fight it out to find the victors! Even builder-types can join if they have a PvP-loving friend!
  • Dragon Fight (18th) – a server-wide event as we attempt to slay the Dragon in our End Dimension. Beyond just the XP gained from killing it, you will also receive a token of our appreciation and a Dragon Egg! A fun way to end a great week as we all venture off into the abyss again.
We hope to see everyone at each of these events!

Original Post: July 10, 2020

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